Peak District Barns for Gary.

One of the most valuable and unexpected aspects of starting my blog, has been the friendships that I have formed with people from so many different parts of our world.  I may never have the priveledge of meeting them face to face, but I value their input in my life none the less.

I stumbled across Garys’ Blog quite by accident one sunday afternoon.  So much of what he wrote about drew a parallel with my own life and upbringing that I clicked the follow button, and I think we have been friends ever since.

A while ago Gary wrote a blog about Old Barns and after reading it I knew that he would love to see some of the Old Barns that are dotted around the Peak District Landscape.  Many are still intact and have stood the test of time whilst others are more weathered and worn, but as Gary says in his post,  ‘they must have some wonderful stories to tell’.


This one is just a hundred yards from our cottage.  It really has taken the worst of the weather over the years and crumbles a little more each day but to me it still holds some beauty.


It amazes me that this one is still standing with all the wrinkles and cracks, but standing it is, even through the fierce winds of storm Ciara over the last couple of days.  It may only have two and a half walls but it has got some life left in it yet, and the landscape would be emptier without it.  I wonder how long its determination will hold out for.

A more solid example but still a striking landmark on the landscape.

Many of the barns have the lovely wooden shutters and often remind me of being in France.  I often wonder if this will be someones home one day, with this little neighbour below.


A small owl is sometimes seen on the little crooked roof.  I caught it once just flying away and am always hopeful that I will see it again.


Its strange how something that is made for the purpose of sheltering livestock can also be a piece of history, a landmark and something that speaks.  I wonder how many generations of cattle have spent warm nights in this building, safe and protected from the wind and rain.


A once beautiful barn now a ruin.  I only just saw this one hidden among the trees.  Maybe I will walk down to it one day and take a closer look.  It seems such a shame that these lovely buildings are left to decay.  Surely there would have been a point where they could have been restored if only someone had reached out in time.


The Peak District really is a very beautiful place, a ‘little bit of heaven’ for sure.  I hope youve enjoyed a look around these barns Gary and anyone else who has had a peak! I hope its brought a smile to your day.



Love Alison x






15 thoughts on “Peak District Barns for Gary.

  1. I think you just posted the Blog Post of the Year…not sure there is such a thing, but I am awarding it to you as King of the World Wide Web! This was awesome. I really enjoyed looking at these old barns and reading your narrative. Fantastic! And, “thank you” very, very much.

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  2. Reblogged this on Another Picture On The Wall and commented:
    Alison just published a wonderful blog posting about the barns in her neck of the woods. I really enjoyed it and I sure you will too. (excuse my ignorance about these things, but I didn’t know whether to choose the “reblog” or “Press this” option?” Is there a difference?”

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  3. The one thing that has always inspired me about England is the many, many ancient buildings abandoned and still. They were built with such care to be used in a way that just every day for them, but intrigues the modern world, wondering who lived there, what was their life like and how did those buildings end up vacated and crumbling. Barns had so much purpose and life of common people and livestock, but I will bet there are stories with every one. Wonderful post and images Alison.

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  4. There is a cottage just up from me Laura that I may do a blog on one day. It has been left to ruin since the last occupant died and it is so sad. It could have been saved and been a home for many more years to come. I enjoyed doing this post.


    1. Thankyou, and thankyou for visiting my blog. I always love it when old posts are still appreciated. It is a rather lovely one. There are many old crumbling buildings around here, that although once could have been saved are now just left to waste away gradually. Its a shame but they do make for some interesting photos.

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