Having just been outside in the dark with the dog, my torch fell upon the first crocus buds of the year, and although not snowdrops, I was immediately reminded of my poem as the feeling they envoked was just the same. Hope you enjoy a re-read.

Through rose tinted glasses.

As dark days of Winter
begin to fade,
and the face of hope
is not far away,
first signs of spring 
begin to show
small white heads 
above the snow.
Reminding the heart
that dark times fade
and sadness for laughter
we can trade,
as nature performs
her wonderful thing,
the changing of seasons
from Winter to Spring.

By Alison Fielding.


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21 thoughts on “Snowdrops.

  1. I spotted snowdrops a couple of days ago in the garden outside and out and about while walking. But I have a feeling they have been out a bit longer than that.
    I have not observed any crocuses. But I have not walked through the park in the last couple of weeks. So if any has popped out, then there is where I usually see them. I am going to have to walk through there tomorrow and take a look.

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  2. Thats a lovely poem. I think you should pursue poetry. Isn’t it lovely that spring is upon us and soon endless summer days. Hope all is well and your enjoying country life as much as I am. X

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    1. Hi hiw funny, I was planning on catching up on your blog today. 😊 there are new posts on my blog. My partner has had a broken ankle so life has been difficult. Also my son wasnt coping so he is here too. Thankful to be in plenty of fresh air but walks are slow😔.


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