The faces of Christmas.

I hope you have all had a really Happy Christmas.  Winter colds have meant some rest days needed so I thought I would re-blog a post from a Christmas past, with a few photos of Christmas present added in. Wishing you all a really Happy New Year and thankyou so much for following my Peak District Blog.

Through rose tinted glasses.

Another Christmas now is past

a Santa sack full of  memories made,

of smiles and laughter, and love expressed

as gifts were shared, and games were played.


And carols were sung across the world,

and fires were lit, in houses both big, and small

and hearts overflowed, with emotions raw, and new

remembering those who’ve gone, but warmed by those held close.

And as the days of Christmas fall silently behind

hope stirs in our hearts, of what is to come.

A new year ahead, an unwritten page,

an adventure waiting,

a new journey…….yet to be taken.



Love Alison xx


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7 thoughts on “The faces of Christmas.

  1. Alison. Some Deep thoughts triggered by your poem. New Year and a new Decade. The roaring 20’s I call the new decade. Making 10 years count is a big challenge! HND John x

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  2. Alison, hope you all still had a wonderful Christmas and you’re all well soon. Wishing you a very Happy New Year … and look forward to reading more of your posts!😀


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