Today I hugged a tree!

I would never in a million years have thought that I would become a tree hugger. Ive heard about people doing it, and the health benefits it can bring but me! Nope! definitely not a tree hugger. Well that is until now.

At the moment with various life changes going on I am fortunate to still be living in a beautiful place, temporary but beautiful, and in the middle of the garden is this big knobbly tree. Each day as I have stood in the garden letting jess sniff around while i listen to the sounds of nature, this tree has been calling me. Hmmmm weird I know! For quite a few days I have resisted the urge that was building inside me, but as with any feeling that is left simmering there has to be a boiling point when things spill out or over, and I suddenly found myself embracing and yes…hugging this wonderful, knobbly, big, strong, solid, narled, handsome, ancient and immensly grand tree. Did it do me good? Well yes to my total surprise it did.

‘Hugging a tree increases levels of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for feeling calm and emotional bonding ‘

‘Hugging a tree is a different experience than that of hugging another human or animal, the sensation you get is strength, power and support’.

I think after my tree hugging experience I would agree with both the statements above. As I hugged my tree there was a definte lift in my mood and it felt comforting for a few moments to be totally entangled with something so solid and sturdy. A piece of nature that has stood the test of time and still stands strong and upright no matter how hard the wind blows, or how harsh the storm rages. In fact I have to admit that it dId me so much good that me and ‘tree’ have been having a few more huggy moments (ok so I AM NOW OFFICIALLY WEIRD!) But does it matter..i think not.

I would have liked to have posted a photo of me and ‘tree’ in one of our romantic embraces but of course that would have to involve a neighbour, and im not quite ready to share my new friend with the village yet.

Have you ever hugged a tree? I would say give it a go. If your feeling lonely, anxious, stressed or just feel like doing something crazy HUG A TREE! I promise you will be glad you did.

Love Alison x

19 thoughts on “Today I hugged a tree!

  1. Absolutely wonder post. Yes, I have hugged several trees. Weird is normal. Being so called normal is what is weird.
    I guess those moments of pain and loss and along with a sense unknowing also creates an opportunity for God’s nature and God’s Nature to speak to us and heal us. I like to believe the angels were dancing in joyful celebration as you decided to hug that tree… but that is just me being weird. Great post.

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  2. This is not “weird” at all. Actually, it is quite an uplifting post. Thank you for having the confidence to share something that makes you so happy. No everyone has the gumption to let their walls down and allow people a peak inside their hearts. Thank you for doing that. I am honoured to bear witness to your moment. Hugs are wonderful…people and trees, included!

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  3. Absolutely, I learned about the life in a tree years ago, talk about feeling weird, but I thought hey I am weird anyway why not, it is a reminder, I haven’t hugged the one in our front yard, it is too large to really hug, it’s around 150 years old or older, but I will give it a go and be one with nature. Good for you, keep it up, a great way to feel connected to nature and history, I wonder how much of life your tree has seen?

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  4. Yup, I’m definitely a tree hugger, too. As they say, don’t knock it until you try it, hehe! Actually, trees give off a hormone called phytoncides that when breathed in, reduce cortisol and improve our immune systems. So keep on hugging those trees! 🙂

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  5. It looks like an interesting old tree. I’ve never hugged a tree, but there was a fad here a few years ago where people were draping handknit afghans around trees at night unseen…..not sure why but maybe just to draw attention to them?

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  6. I’ve been hugging trees for years and can’t deny that feeling of strength you gain from being close to something great. There’s nothing weird about the tree calling to you. Why couldn’t it? It’s a living thing that has an energy all of its own. Takes a special sort of person to be aware. Looks like you are! Happy days.

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