Autumn’s​ finale.

As we go from the beautiful and colourful autumnal scenes, to the crisp and chilly beginnings of winter, I thought I would re- share one of last years blogs as a reminder of how beautiful Autumn can be.

Through rose tinted glasses.

On opening my front door this morning,

I saw the beauty of autumn calling,

jewels from heaven falling down to earth,

the season heralding the saviours birth.


As bronze tipped gold and copper snow,

softly carpets the ground below,

I wonder by chance if the wise men three,

would give a gift of golden leaves,

for a baby king to lay his head,

an autumnal quilt for the royal bed.


Soon we will leave this season of colour

and open our doors to a season of wonder.

Where children’s eyes are filled with dreams,

of Santa’s sleigh and nativity wings,

and  autumn will be but a memory once more,

and the scene will be new

when I open my door.


Love Alison x


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17 thoughts on “Autumn’s​ finale.

  1. Beautiful photo and poem Alison. Early winter has already arrived here, we experienced our first significant snowfall this past week. It, too, is a season of wonder, beauty and all of the magic that comes with it.

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  2. Great shots and lovely poem Alison. Your love of nature and photography come through in each photo you share. It’s winter here already. The landscape looks like the enchanted land of Lewis’s Narnia. Cold but beautiful.

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  3. Lovely poem and photographs. The first one reminds me so much of my childhood homeplace, looking east toward the pines on the left, oaks on the right, and the wide natural lane between to two. Ah ~ nostalgia!

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